Library Symposium

This has to been one of the best assignments I have ever worked on! The expression and inspiration from this class is amazing. I love the sharing, knowledge, and power that I have gained in this class. As I looked over the last semester’s blogs I realized that I have always loved libraries and reading. It has been instilled in me from a very young age especially coming from a small community surrounded by family. When I moved across the country I nearly lost that link…I forgot how much community and reading had always meant to me. Thankfully, I found my roots again and I have pursued my passion. In doing so, I have regained that sense of community and learned so much in the process. This class has shown me that libraries will be forever changing, but I am thrilled to be a part of that process. In fact, this class has even helped me to see a future I never even considered before. This class went internationally and I hope that some day when my kids are grown and I am seeking a new path, I will find the courage to spread library love to nations that do not have access to libraries. Thank you for all of the inspiration and foresight on where libraries can and should start progressing towards.

For my Symposium follow this link:

For a script of the slides and references please see this link:

INFO 287 Library Symposium – K Chung

11 thoughts on “Library Symposium”

  1. Kelly,
    I have not used Slidely before, but I think I would like to now that I have seen it. Very cool presentation. I liked that you shared real photographs along with your aha moments. Great job and best of luck to you as you move forward.

  2. Kelly,
    Beautiful presentation, and I learned about Slidely too. Seems a lot like Animoto, but better.

    1. @loribromac the one thing I love about this class is learning about all of the different tools. I have not heard of Animoto, but it’s one more new thing to look into.

  3. Kelly, this was great! I haven’t seen anything created in Slidely before and I thought the platform was so neat! I enjoyed seeing your pictures of kids and adults happily engaged in library programs and appreciated how you mined your posts for your favorite points.

    1. Thanks @eglybrand! Looking over the posts from this semester seemed to point me in a clear direction of powerful statements to be made! I had fun with this assignment and wish I could take more classes like this one!

  4. Nice presentation. Clean platform.
    This is the first time I am hearing about Slidely, so I will def. keep this in mind for future projects in school and at work!

  5. I wasn’t familiar with Slidly, but after watching your presentation, it looks like a great tool. I’m definitely excited to try it out. Great job!

  6. @kchung, I absolutely love your presentation. I felt a bit misty watching it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and sharing a new medium for presentations! <3 🙂

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