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Hello! I’m Jessica. I grew up in Connecticut, but I now live in California with my girlfriend and two adorable cats my mom rescued. Their names are Apollo and Artemis, but they go by many silly nicknames I keep creating for them.

I’ve worked for San Jose Public Library for almost 7 years now. It was original to put myself through undergrad, but I enjoyed it so much, I decided to take the plunge into Library Sciences and make it an official career. I particularly enjoy working on the committees I’m a part of, Gira de Libro/Library Tour by Bike, Graphic Novel Making Contest, and Silicon Valley Comic Con.

I decided to take Info 287 at the recommendation of a co-worker and several classmates. While I’m familiar with the programs and mission of my library system, I am excited to learn about the growth, trends, and future of other libraries. After iSchool, I’m open to different possibilities, becoming a public librarian would be the easiest based on my experience. But my pipe dream job would be a librarian for an animation studio, as my undergrad was in animation, and I’m aware that Pixar has a librarian. Additionally, working for an art museum, or anywhere else art related is something I’d be very interested in!!

I look forward to working with all of you soon!


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  1. Hi, Jessica!

    You and your girlfriend’s cats are too cute! It’s really great that you’ve had such a long and apparently rewarding history as a public librarian. It’s also really cool that you’re hoping to find a way to incorporate your passion for animation with librarianship. I had no idea that Pixar and other major animation studios had librarians, but it totally makes sense now that I’ve been made aware of it. My background has been in music and I would really love to be able to incorporate that knowledge with librarianship as well.

    In any case, I hope you enjoy the weekend!


    • Hello Bree, thank you! They are too cute. Yes, some major studios have a librarian on staff, but I understand it’s a competitive position. Art museums will probably be a good starting point for me, potentially a museum or school for music would be a good match for you?

  2. Hi Jessica – I love your tuxedo cats! I’m a student assistant at the King Library in Special Collections and volunteered for the Alum Rock branch for a while prior to that. Which branch/branches do you work in?

    • Hello Dana, thank you! They are quite adorable. =) I’m currently working at Tully, but I’ve worked at King a bit as well (periodicals as a student assistant, access services with the city). How do you like Special Collections? I’m thinking of looking into internships that potentially deal with preservation and archives.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Your cat banner cracked me up! I also had a colleague recommend taking a course from Professor Stephens. I took 200 with him and loved his openness to creativity. I am certain you will enjoy this class.

    California is one of the best places to be located for positions with movie studios and animation. My sister worked for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios as a junior set dresser for Robot Chicken a couple of years ago. They could have used a librarian to manage and organize all of the characters, props and sets they had created. (Not to mention the film clips!). I wish you luck in your pursuit of your dream job! It’s great to meet you.


  4. Hello Jessica, I think we’ve shared a few classes before. I also work at SJPL. That is so cool that you were part of the graphic novel committe. My daughter was a 2nd place winner the other year. It was a ton of fun and she was so happy. Adorable cats BTW

  5. Hi Jessica!
    I also have cats with formal names that no one uses except our vet! I have a tuxedo cat named Blackjack but he has gone by Mr Mister and now mostly “littles” since he’s smaller than our newest cat. The new one is Cheddar Bob, but he’s Cheds, Cheddies, or Cheddah Cheddah Mo Betta. Cats rule!

  6. What a cool background – I have to think your educational experience with animation will serve you well in future library positions.

    Feeling the need to share the dog’s names – Cooper (named for Agent Dale Cooper on Twin Peaks) and Dozer, the rescue dog who kept his name. 🙂

    Welcome to #hyperlib!

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