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((Sorry for the previous confusion! I’ve fixed it. My name is Bree, for the record. πŸ™‚ ))
I’ve been looking forward to taking a class with Dr. Stephens since my first semester when he acted as a guest lecturer in INFO 200. He was so kind, engaging, and really seemed to have a lot of knowledge about more technological aspects of the field that I’ve become increasingly drawn to. I’m really excited to get started with the course content and delve into the mechanics of this vibrant, interconnected, and digital library world.

This is my final semester in the program and I don’t think I’ve quiteΒ figured out exactly where my interests lie within LIS. My background and undergraduate education are in classical piano performance, so music librarianship has definitely appealed to me – particularly orchestra or opera librarianship. I’m also very interested in music history (I actually intended to go straight into musicology after undergrad, but this program came into my sights first!). I even worked very briefly as an orchestra librarian for my city’s symphony orchestra, but that was so different from any typical sort of library job that even after leaving, I still was very much inexperienced. It’s a bit difficult in part because I haven’t really had much previous library experience (apart from my brief, nonstandard job) and I’m still very new to the field. Additionally, I’ve been housebound for quite some time now and I worry that my need to work from home will negatively impact any prospective job opportunities that may come my way. This, in addition to my concern for equitable information access, has led to my involvement in transcription services. I’m very interested by the prospect of incorporating my transcription work with any future LIS work that may come along – haven’t exactly figured out how they might come together, though.

In any case, I’m hoping to acquire a bit more clarity and direction this semester so that I can really have a plan of action once I graduate at the end of the year. Wish me luck, I suppose!


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  1. Hey, Jay!
    I too have no experience working in a library, so I understand the challenges there. And being housebound I’m sure adds additional challenges, but I reckon the way a lot of organizations are going these days, many opportunities will arise for you! Luckily, our program offers some virtual internships. Have you gone through any of those yet? If so, what did you like/not like?

    Music cataloging and librarianship sound incredibly fascinating and interesting! I’m a huge music fan also, and fancy myself a novice pop/rock music historian. Though I’m following the academic librarianship path currently, I think it would be amazing and a dream to use my MLIS degree and future library experience with music somehow.

    • Hi Shana!

      Yeah, I’ve found that my lack of library experience in general has increased the challenges I’ve had during my classes. Sometimes, it’s just hard to put what’s being talked about into context if you’ve never really worked in a standard library before. I have, however, worked as an orchestra librarian, but that was very brief and entirely different from anything I’d ever actually do in a typical library position.

      I wanted to look into virtual internships, but since I’ve sort of taken the fast track, I didn’t really have much of a chance to explore that avenue. I focused more on other electives based on preservation, digital librarianship, and things like that. Have you done any virtual internships?

      Orchestra librarianship was extremely stressful, but also very exciting and interesting. I worked for a short time as a librarian for the local symphony orchestra and it’s a lot more involved than it might seem at first! This article pretty accurately details the sort of work that I did while acting as orchestra librarian (though what I did was on a much smaller scale). It encompasses a lot of knowledge of preservation, music copyright, music theory, and lots of other hands-on things. Every day brought something completely different, so if you’re the type who can’t stand routine, this is definitely the sort of position for you!


  2. Hi Bree,
    It looks as if you have found a niche in transcription. Since a lot of music can be audio, video or written, you may be able to directly translate your skills into the Information Science world! There are so many opportunities out there, especially with the online environment, you may just find the right position for you. You are not alone in this struggle. I am in my final year of the program and also struggle with what research interests I will pursue after my degree is finished. It is wonderful to meet you. Thanks for being so candid!

    • Hi, Kristi!

      Haha I probably should have been clearer, but my transcription work is essentially of the general sort – not musical, legal, or medical. Imagine any content that’s presented primarily through audiovisual mediums (like TV shows, radio, podcasts, YouTube videos) and those are the sorts of things that I transcribe.

      I’m definitely keeping my eyes out for any work-from-home positions in this field, but I think I’m mostly having trouble knowing where to even begin looking for that! I’m not sure what types of organizations or positions allow for remote employment, but it’s something I’m hoping to learn more about this semester.

      I hope you’re able to develop more insight into what you may want to do after graduation as well!


  3. Jay,
    Congratulations on almost completing the program. I can understand your concern regarding employment, but I think there may be a lot of opportunity to work from home in this career. I learned in Info 240 that equitable access is a priority and considered best practice in website development. I would be surprised if there wasn’t a way to turn your passion for equitable access into a career pathway. May you have clarity and insight in your decision making.

    • Hi Kelli!

      Thanks a lot! Yeah, the ultimate goal is to combine all of my interests into a steady, well-paying, work-from-home job that would afford me to become financially independent. Perhaps in due time!


  4. Bree, can I just asked if we should be calling you Jay or Bree? I’m a bit confused (maybe I missed something?).
    That’s so funny that you have no library experience. All that time we had Info204 together I thought you were an experienced librarian because you were working in that Orchestra. I’m glad to be set straight.
    I too have no library experience (except for shelving in college!). And, I too have no idea what I will do next–I’m very interested in social justice, but also data management (particularly linked data and all its possibilities) and I love knowledge organization and research. . . And, I did a virtual internship this summer with Wikimedia, which was great. But it did not make me any more clear about my direction. Maybe this last year will bring a startling clarity! (and maybe not).
    Good to see you again!

    • Nice to see you, Mary!

      Haha Yeah, my name is still Bree! The username story is a bit complicated, but I’m definitely Bree. πŸ˜› (I’ve just corrected it to avoid any more confusion!)

      Sorry, I probably should clarify some things in my original post (I think I will!). I actually do have some library experience – from spending a few months working for the orchestra. It’s just that that sort of work was very unique and unlike anything else that most other librarians do, so I still felt quite unfamiliar with librarianship after leaving that position.

      How cool! What sorts of things did you do in your virtual internship? That’s something I really wish I would have had the opportunity to do, but alas. Hopefully both of us will be able to figure out what to do after this semester. πŸ™‚


  5. Hi @jl12 – thanks for sharing your background. You have sparked some interesting comments about all the possibilities for library work. I hope you find some inspiration in this class for your future pursuits. Welcome to #hyperlib!

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