4 Circles and a Square

Who knew that four circles and a square could be such a big deal? The four spaces model set out by Jochumsen, Rasmussen and Skot-Hansen (2012) is a model that breathes fresh air into the traditional library view. The four goals of experience, involvement, empowerment and innovation speak to the public library/community engagement strategy that so strongly aligns with my belief. I honestly never bought into the whole idea of the library as a third space. So, if home is space number one and work is space number two…what makes the library space three? Why not a park or different community space? The model shows overlapping spaces…and that’s the library in the community. We overlap with home. We overlap with work. We overlap with any other space that our community is in. This model views the spaces, not as physical set places, and sections them into three different “rooms”; learning, inspiration, meeting and performance space. It was great to read about the variety of ways that libraries are using this model to improve their services, planning, structure, and redesign. It also goes back to the question…what are libraries here for? What do we value? With a square and four circles, everyone is brought back to the drawing board. Let’s think about libraries is in a fresh, new way. I’m here for it!

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  1. @sdpdestiny The model is much more interesting than that old adage you noted – the third place – and it highlights what libraries have always done well and something they are uniquely able to do these days: provide experiences for the public related to art, music, knowledge, etc. It’s very exciting to me. i think you will like the “Library as Classroom” module as well.

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