Introductions and Sinus Bradycardia

Sinus Bradycardia

Fitbit shown while hiking.

About a week ago I got a Fitbit, and for the first time in my life I was able to accurately track my heart rate. The Fitbit does all the work of calculating your resting heart rate and my flucuates around 55 bpm. I then did the worst thing that anyone can ever do, I started Googling.

My Google searches eventually led to that scary sounding phrase, “Sinus Bradycardia” which basically means that your heart rate is slower than normal. For people in good physical condition this is nothing unusual, and many people even take pride in their low heart rates. However, after reading this article I started worrying about whether my sinus bradycardia might end up doing some strange things.

Upon further consideration I decided that the best thing to do is keep everything balanced. I can balance out the increased exercise by eating more ice cream, and maybe instead of hitting those 10,000 steps today I should catch up on GOT.


Also, I’m Will. Second year in the MLIS program, 5th year in the Bay Area. I do Teen Services for the Contra Costa County Public Library and in my free time I like to hike, eat, and watch things happen.

7 thoughts on “Introductions and Sinus Bradycardia”

  1. @will1 Catching up on GOT sounds like a good plan! I have a Fitbit as well and have become rather serious about my daily step count. It’s a quirky little device that sends me out to take walks a few times a day.

    Balance is always good 🙂 Welcome to #hyperlib!

  2. Hi Will, good luck with the Fitbit! I did use one for a while, but I had so many all-day meetings at work that I got depressed thinking about how much walking I WASN’T doing. My new job allows for more activity, so that’s good, at least. Also, I have a solution to your GoT and exercise conundrum. I watch GoT on my phone on HBO Go whilst at the gym!

    1. My main form of exercise is hiking, otherwise that would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone. It’s ok, I can wait until December to watch GoT.

  3. Nice to meet you, Will. After reading the comments on the FitBit, I’m tempted to get one. I recently moved to a beautiful location close to tons of hiking and walking paths, and I want to join in on the competition to get the most steps!

    I have the opposite problem from you–I watch a little too much GOT and should probably get out more 🙂

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