Book Report: Enchantment

Slideshow (3 1/2 minutes) prepared from Guy Kawasaki’s book, Enchantment, focusing on the value of “push technology” and “pull technology” as it relates to libraries. There is no narration for the slideshow yet, I’m working on that. There is also a link below to download the ppt to review at your leisure and actually watch the embedded videos, which are adorable.



6 thoughts on “Book Report: Enchantment

  1. Danielle-
    This is a great PowerPoint! I love the summarizing you’ve done of the concepts in the book and the examples you chose to include. Our library has yet to do anything as far as social media/marketing, mainly because we are a private law library, but I don’t think that means we don’t need it! This is giving me all sorts of ideas about where we can improve our online presence to remain relevant for our students.

    • Thank you so much Anne. I’m thrilled to hear that this will help you!! All credit really goes to Guy Kawasaki – the info in his book is so well presented.

  2. Dear Danielle,
    I enjoyed your slideshow immensely!! The idea of push and pull in information is fascinating to me. As librarians, we are well versed in the pull of information, reference and information desks and our home page on our websites. The marketing of our materials and services effectively is where we have to up our promotion game. Letting people know the products and services that are available to them in an engaging way that they will respond to is a fundamental imperative. Your slideshow was “Enchanting” and I look forward to reading Kawasaki’s book. Thanks for the recommendation.

    PS. You had me at Colbert 🙂

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