Director’s Brief: AnySpace Arts & Crafts Creation Lab

Programming in public libraries focus a great deal on providing creative opportunities for children and teens, but adult populations do not always receive the same consideration. In recent years the popularity of such activities as adult coloring books has made it more accepted that adults should additionally be offered the tools and opportunities for exploring their creative endeavors. Yet the possibilities of adult creative programming can extend beyond just coloring activities. No matter at what age, everyone deserves the chance to explore, discover, and express their creative possibilities. The proposed arts and crafts creation lab of AnySpace will do just that.


2 thoughts on “Director’s Brief: AnySpace Arts & Crafts Creation Lab

  1. Hi Cristi,
    I enjoyed reading your post. The incorporation of the AnySpace Arts & Crafts Creation Lab is an excellent idea. I wouldn’t mind going to a library that has program. I like to meet people, mingle, and share ideas, but in a comfortable environment. The thought of learning different things in a “creation hub” is awesome.

    • Hi Linda~
      Thanks so much! Yes, I love, love, love the idea of being able to offer programs and opportunities for adult library patrons to explore their creativity and to have the chance to connect with others in their community. Being a part of such a program could also help those who may feel less savvy with technology to feel more engaged. Encouraging exploration in everyone, no matter their age or level of experience is so important. Thanks so much for your comment!

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