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    Any good suggestions for summer courses? Man, I tried registering today, not knowing it had opened 2 days ago and the options are already limited! Has anyone taken summer courses before? Are they a lot harder due to the shortened time frame? Just trying to figure how many I can handle….

    • @joleenjin I’ve only taken one summer course and I did find it challenging given the condensed timeline. I work full time and I was at max capacity with the one course. Unsure if it’s still offered but I enjoyed Dr. Liu digital libraries course last summer.

  • Apologies too – somehow I didn’t get a notification when this Tribe was created. Sorry to be so late.

  • Well, this idea has been a dud! I feel like I need to keep it going since I started it, though.
    I like that we have our “discussions” in this course via a blog format. Other courses I have had, you have a discussion group in Canvas and you submit your entry and are supposed to comment on other’s entries-but once that particular module or…[Read more]

  • Does anyone have any suggestions for courses they found exceptionally helpful/interesting/enjoyable?

    • Yes, this one! Just kidding! A really good experience (course) was assisting Debbie Faires with Collaborate. It is a special project, INFO 298, and I really challenged the introvert in me by taking the course. I’m glad I did challenge myself because I met some amazing students and worked with some great professors.

    • @joleenjin @calsop Aaron Schmidt’s UX class is super good. I also offer a INFO 298 focused on WP skills via working with me on all the WP sites we use: this one, my 200 section site and the big Community Site for blogging. @liloverdue has been working with me this semester.

  • Hi all! I thought this was a good idea to discuss program-related topics-either specific to this course or the program as a whole.
    I’m only in my second semester of the program, and this is the only online program with which I have experience, so I don’t have anything to compare it with. Any insights from more experienced students would be…[Read more]

    • Hi Joleen,

      I definitely understand where you’re coming from that constructive feedback is huge! I have been lucky enough to have most of my professors throughout the program give great feedback. I think constructive feedback is one of the best things a professor can do for their student(s). I’m thankful that this blog environment facilitates that!

      • I’m glad to hear you have been getting good feedback-maybe it’s just the courses I’m taking right now that are the foundational courses, and so have more people in them.