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    Thanks for starting this, Dana! Today, I’m super excited to be joining my friends in the SJSU SLA iSchool Student Chapter for a tour of the San Francisco Presidio’s Archives and Records with a special librarian. I’m the membership director of this wonderful group, and I have several members in this class (@mvasudeva our AMAZING programming director and @dvlema our equally amazing Past President). If you’re all at al interested in networking and learning more about special libraries, join our group. Our website is:
    Have a great weekend!

    • Hey Swetta! I’m at the Bart heading to our get together. We may not have comfy couches but we will connect on cafe chairs! Great to see some people face to face!

      Encourage everyone to join one of the student groups (SLA is pretty cool from my unbiased perspective) but it’s a great way to connect with others both virtually and f2f.

    • I had planned to go to the Presidio event, but wound up having to work. I hope you all had an amazing time! Please share pictures. 🙂 I agree, @swetta and @mvasudeva– the SLA Student Chapter is a wonderful group of people. I’m glad those of us who live in the Bay Area have had opportunities to meet each other.

    • Wasn’t the tour amazing?! I feel so lucky to have participated. I didn’t know that so many of us were taking this class. Glad to see you here and have met you in person.