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    Valerie McIntire - "Ready to buckle down and finish strong this semester!"View
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    Dana - "According to MySJSU, I have been officially Advanced for Candidacy in the MLIS program. I are a Candidate! 🙂"View
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    Michael Stephens - "Hey all – Happy Sunday evening to all. If you are watching TP, I’ll see you in the trees. If you are in for Game of Thrones, winter is here."View
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    Bree - "@michael Hm, I’ve tried to submit two comments on the “Share Your Context Book URL” discussion, but neither of them are showing up. Are you able to see them? 😮"View
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    Viola - "This assigned reading for the week truly speaks to me… it is how I feel a lot of the time… like there is a disconnect in things at work… now I have some words for it…"View
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    Nathan Kavanaugh - "Hi everyone! My name is Nate, and this is my final semester in the MLIS program! I live in San Jose, California, and work as a circulation desk and course reserves supervisor at De Anza College Library in […]"View
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