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    This article has been floating around my library, and I really enjoy it: “The Five Hour Rule”

    I am a bit of a productivity junkie. Stuff like this interests me a lot. This might cross over into the “binge worthy” tribe a bit, but I HIGHLY recommend the app/Outlook add-in/chrome extension/website Todoist. There are a million options out there for to-do lists, but I like Todoist the best for a couple of reasons. The first is being able to separate tasks into projects and labeling them. My main categories are Work and School, I also have a personal to do list. I have a shared to-do list with a coworker which works great also. As you complete tasks you get “karma” and can unlock different productivity “levels.” I’m going to try to incorporate the 5 hour rule as best I can. Enjoy!

    • @mjostock thank you for sharing this! It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the little fires that I have to put out at work during the week–in addition to schoolwork and being a wife. I sometimes have this mentality that I’ll just put off professional development, intellectual reading, or personal hobbies for just a moment while I get the important things caught up but–guess what!?–that never really happens. The 5-hour rule seems pretty reasonable to me. And, doesn’t it sound like we could get a lot done in 5 hours? ….What I would give to have 5 hours of my life back each week…. Skoal!

    • @mjostock Writing from Denver while I wait for my vegan burger at Root Down. This is a great article that taps into important themes of the latter portion of our class. I am going to save the link for future readings. I might even put it into reflective practice. I truly believe reflecting and learning every week should be part of our practice.