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    I’d also like to recommend an app that I’ve been binging– Serial Reader. Developed in Chicago (woot, woot!) it delivers short chunks of classics to your Android or iPhone daily, to remind you to get your reading in. I’m reading Around the World in 80 Days right now. Every day I get an 8-15 minute “serial” that is merely a chunk of the book as a push notification on my phone. You can earn badges for completing serials and getting your reading in. Highly recommended to combat the sometimes intimidation factor of those big fat classics that are somewhat “required” reading!

    • Just downloaded it!

      I’m starting with The Importance of Being Earnest 🙂

    • Great recommendation! I’m starting with Alice in Wonderland.

      • That’s a great one to start! I am finding that I prefer to read titles that are under about 50 serialized issues. If I had two going at a time it would make sense to have War and Peace going and Phantom of the Opera (what I’m reading now) going, but I find the fact that some of these are over 100 or sometimes 200 Serials long to not help with the ~lessening of intimidation factor~ that I was hoping for. For me, it’s just great to have the push notification every morning when I scheduled it to say hey, READ!!