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    Everyone! I binged over two days of break on this: It’s heartbreaking, beautiful, weird, unexpected, horrifying, and strangely uplifting. If anyone listens, let me know. I’m haunted by it right now. Just read a review that said it is like a novel in podcast form.

    • I really really want to listen to this. One of my biggest role models in the library world Becky Spratford of RA for All has a reading list she posted today for after S-Town reading – Step one for me – listen to the podcast, step two, digest related material detailed in this blog post.

      • *Reading, watching, and listening list. I love it when I listen to/read/watch something and someone gives me recommendations in a few other formats to fill the void.

        • Still haunted here. I actually re-listened to all seven chapters this week. Processing feelings and thoughts. Let me know when you listen… I’ll tell you my “chopping carrots” anecdote.

          • Oops above is for you @mjostock

            • @michael I just got done with my S-Town binge. I can’t believe all the interesting directions that story ended up going and I was surprised to have left it some what smiling (not necessarily HAPPY). Given what you find out the end of Chapter II, etc. I had no idea if this story would leave me depressed or what…I am actually feeling a mixture of happiness and sadness, but like you, still kind of processing. Anyhoo – would love to hear the chopping carrots anecdote.

    • @mjostock Here goes: I was walking during the first part of Chapter II. I got home and started prep for making vegetable stew with my ear buds still in. Cue the end of Chapter II – “did anyone call you?” I am not ashamed to say I wept like a baby over my carrots. I had to stop and collect myself before continuing. I am still processing it all, watching the posts on Reddit, reading the commentary, and sampling bits of the audio again realizing how incredibly well written the narrative is. I did do a second listen.