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    This is a more personal type thing, but it really resonated with me. I think I would call these soft skills or even mindset?

    • Will replied 1 month ago

      That reminds me of the book that I read for the context report. In Quiet, by Susan Cain, she writes that the US left the culture of character for the culture of personality. The culture of character valued integrity and all of the character traits listed in that link while the culture of personality values charisma and being social. Ever since reading her book I have wondered about how we can get back to a point where we, as a nation, value character over personality.

    • @michael Great share! Raising two teenagers I must say this whole list goes out the window during the ages of 15-19… but integrity has always been my #1 value within my families values. I can’t wait until their integrity comes back… 😉 ~C

    • The “They give most people the benefit of the doubt” is really emphasized during customer service training in our library system. When working the circ desk, it’s not unusual to have patrons come up contesting fines or lost book notices. Our gut reaction might be to be distrusting, but we’re encouraged to set those initial judgments aside until we’re really given a reason to believe they’re abusing the system.

    • Dana replied 1 month ago

      This is a wonderful list. I especially appreciate the “doesn’t argue over disagreements.” This list describes what I would consider a very empathetic person.