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    • I wanted to do something similar at our library branch! One of the teens who attended my gaming program got a little excited and ended up breaking our Wii console. He was devastated and felt guilty that the gaming tournament had to be put on hold because of him. I suggested he come in and help me fix it as a way to make up for it. A few weeks later, we got a few tools and tinkered around until we got it to work again. He seemed to like the exercise so much that I thought it’d be a cool program. Unfortunately, there were some concerns over liability, despite the fact that the items were already broken. I’m glad to see these fix-it cafes are being implemented elsewhere. Maybe I can pitch it again with the article to back me up!

      • @ashtonv I think that’s a good approach – use the article as evidence and watch for similar to build a case. The “concerns about liability” feels like a thin excuse IMHO – and I do not know all there is to know about the situation.