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    Tomorrow night folks: Part 15 of Twin Peaks and season finale of Game of Thrones!

    • Cannot wait for GOT Finale! Sad about it the next being the last season.

    • @michael @megan I think I’m about three seasons behind on GOT, I’ve really got to get caught up. I definitely didn’t realize that that the current season was the last, though!

    • I am wearing my GOT “House Stark” name badge lanyard today at work! 🙂 I can’t believe this season is almost over.

    • I am a HUGE Twin Peaks fan, but pretty luke warm on David Lynch overall. I know, it makes me feel like a total philistine! My boyfriend and I started watching the new season but I haven’t been able to stay engaged for the first few episodes because they are so VERY David Lynch. I need to set aside some time to get past that and into the storyline because I really do adore everything about this world. So can anyone tell me (without spoilers!) if it the season gets a little more accessible after the first few epsiodes?

      • @slaurienzo It is slow in the beginning but it does move faster by the later episodes. I struggled early on too, but then realized they were not going to give us a replica of TP in 1990. Once I got past that and gave myself over to how Lynch was going to tell the story (written with Mark Frost), I found I appreciated the pace more and more. If you can do it, the payoffs by these later episodes are pretty darn amazing. May I be so forward to tell you that I have cried more than a couple if times at various character’s storylines and the fact that they and me are all 27 years older. Let me know if you watch more.