Anne Mellott

  • Sabrina Mora posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    @mello102, I love watching Young & Hungry!

    • @sabrinanicole863 Glad I’m not alone! I’m excited for the next season to start in March. I actually started watching it because I went to a live taping of it for a fundraiser during college. So, I can officially say that I’ve been a part of the laughing on one of the episodes! #blessed

  • Michael Stephens posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    @mello102 @bethh The Fall was SO GOOD. It is super dark and deeply disturbing but for modern police procedurals the storytelling can’t be beat. May I add Happy Valley on netflix too? SO GOOD. I struggle with American offerings such as L & O SVU these days. The storytelling does not compare.

    • Happy Valley is on my list!

      I also watched Grantchester over the break – love the surface gloss of peaceful pleasant rural ’50s nostalgia (and the loving homage to ’80s BBC mysteries) with all the stuff happening under the surface – the burgeoning British gay rights movement, PTSD, class and race conflict, crisis of faith, postwar politics. The…[Read more]