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    Hi colleagues! I’m rack/wracking my brain to think of a film that accurately captures what it is to live in California. Most movies focus on Southern California, Hollywood, etc. but as a Northerner, I don’t see my perception of California captured. Can you help me out by recommending a “real California” film? Either fiction or doc is fine. While a film is preferred, If you can’t think of one, a TV show would suffice. Cheers!

    • I grew up in San Francisco and am definitely a Northern California snob, so I’m always obsessively looking to see if we are represented correctly in movies and in books. My first comment when I read your question was to suggest “The Rock,” that movie with Nic Cage and Sean Connery about escaping Alcatraz. LOL. But in terms of real representation about Norcal, I really like the way the city is shown in films like Blue Jasmine, or Vertigo. I enjoy watching the TV show Silicon Valley and its portrayal of the tech startup lifestyle in the Bay Area and the South Bay. And Joy Luck Club has some great San Francisco imagery too. If my brother, the trekker, were in this tribe, he’d be shouting right now that Star Trek 4 has the best scenes about SF and the East Bay. Ha!

    • Here’s what my son sent me in response to your question: LA Story (!), Milk, The Lost Boys (filmed in my hometown, Santa Cruz), Independence Day, Homeward Bound. Oh – and The Social Network (even though it mostly takes place in Cambridge, some is in San Francisco), about Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook.

    • Although not a film, there’s an older TV series, that was (in the storyline) set in Alaska, but the characters are representative of zaniness in San Francisco. It’s titled Due North.

    • I am surprised not to see Bottle Shock on anyone’s list. Great film with Alan Rickman about Napa Valley surprising the world.

      • Also, for exciting events on the GG Bridge… X-men, and the new Planet of the Apes films. All CGI, of course.

        • I love all of these suggestions! Thank you. Will need to wait until the break to check out the ones I haven’t seen yet (and maybe rewatch some of the ones I had!)


      • Bottle Shock was a great movie – loved the airport scene!

    • A great topic, Megan! I am also from Northern California, and I wanted to add a few of my favorites. E. T. and Return of the Jedi were filmed in Crescent City, River’s Edge was filmed on the American River in Sacramento (very close to my house), Mrs. Doubfire and Dirty Harry in SF, The Birds in Bodega Bay, Stand By Me in McCloud and Burney, and Peggy Sue Got Married in Petaluma.

    • @megan it’s not really representative of NorCal, but Scream and Scream 2 were filmed in my hometown Sonoma… Also Summer School, my favorite movie of all time that I can quote in my sleep was filmed in San Pedro and has that SoCal 80’s vibe. ~C

    • @megan I recently watched Other People and I feel like it really captured the sort of ho-hum mundanity of central-Californian suburbia.