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    I love Netflix, so over the summer I binged “The OA” (which I loved, but will not say a word about), and a clever little comedy with an initially off-putting premise, called “Lovesick.” Then “Dear White People” which was powerful, quick, and witty, and “Master of None” which is beautiful in its meditativeness. I hope you enjoy!

    • If the OA is worth watching, I will add it to my watchlist! Yes, “Master of None” is genius. You have a point @megan, the writing is contemplative. They are funny, yet still thought provoking.

      • I had no idea what to expect going in (which is why I won’t describe it), and I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I wasn’t watching it. Everyone’s different, but I definitely think it’s worth giving it a go.

    • Dear White People was so so SO good. I found it to be an excellent primer for folks who might not understand the need for ongoing social justice in our country, or who feel like racism is no longer an issue. It really gets into the nuance and deep embedment of the racial divide in America that non-POCs don’t always recognize.