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    Doing research for my Collections Management class, found this on the ALCTS site: Ogburn, J L. (2009). Moderately risky business: challenging libraries to assume more risk in an era of opportunity. p. 31 – 44.

    • Oh wowza is this GOOD:

      In sum, to craft a new future while remaining true to the library’s mis- sion to nd, preserve and make available the many stories of research, cultures, and people’s lives and imaginations, librarians are urged to stop dwelling on the risk of experimentation.


      That’s a lot of my favorite stuff: telling stories of research and our lives…risk..experimentation…

      • 🙂 Yes – I recognized your approach!

        I loved the “stories” angle especially, too. (I keep saying this is why some politicians succeed where others – who are excellent executives and policy wonks, but can’t shape the narrative to capture public imagination – fail. Not naming names.)

        Take calculated risks. Enjoy the ride – new sights inspire creativity. Remember to apply the break slowly, and signal a new direction if necessary.