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    @michael Hi, for the context book assignment I added it as a post to my blog. Is this correct, or should it have a separate page? It may be immaterial, but I wonder if there’s a preference.

    • @laurette – Every assignment page has instructions related to posting etc. Here’s the context book:

      Posting & Submission:

      Post the finished report to your blog. Optional: enhance the plan with media, etc. As a final step, submit your post URL to our Canvas site.

      Context Book

      • @michael I had no problem with the assignment except for this semantics question: To post on my site means on the main blog, or is it better to create a new page? It may be up to our discretion. I’ve seen the word post used frequently, but with WordPress there are different options to accomplish this.

        • @laurette Ahh yes – good point. I am 100% open to student creativity for everything blog-related. So the assignments could be posts or pages. Submitting the URL gets it to me. If you choose pages – which is fine – I would suggest publishing a post noting that with that URL so everyone can find your work. My mantra for students: creativity and exploration! 🙂