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    For only, at this point, Windows computers there’s a program that converts paper books into Kindle-ready e-books through the use of a scanner. I was prompted to look for this because I have an amazing older book for another class that I’d like to read on-the-go. The article, from Techcrunch, is here:

    • This is great news for me! I carry a small flip-scanner and a flatbed scanner with me whenever I am on a research trip. Now I can easily convert for my kindle? Brilliant!

    • I was looking at the reviews on amazon for the kindle convert, and they are dismal. There’s a better program that does essentially the same thing, but much better. The other program, Abbyy Finereader, is also substantially more expensive ($49 for the first product, $169 for the Abbyy.) However, the Abbyy is available for both Apple and Windows computers. I’ll try the Taotronic, whose cost is somewhere in the middle of the other products. Here’s a review of the Abbyy product:,2817,2468186,00.asp