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    If you could work for any library in the world, which would it be? Here’s mine:

    • Dana, this library looks amazing (another Special library!). I think I would like to work at a National Park library that is inside a National Park so I could read all the books about the park while I visited all the places in the books (and spent a lot of time outside in the park!).

    • I have the same dream, @mvasudeva! I also have another sort of strange one – I would like to work in a prison library. I’m really passionate about social justice and would like to see how comprehensive library services and programs could transform the lives of inmates and reduce recidivism.

      • @Mary, I never thought of working in a National Park, but that would be dreamy! I have to do top 3. 1) UNESCO, 2) Guggenheim Bilbao Museum Library 3) with @Shana! We had a great library at a juvenile hall I worked in, and the kids loved it. A lot of kids would say, “I read in here more than I have read in my whole life.” Our librarian worked tirelessly in service of our students; they knew it and appreciated her dedication.