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    I subscribe to Goodreads to keep track of my book reading. I also belong to a local book club – anyone else?

    • Yep, goodreads and two local book groups. Can’t get enough book recommendations or discussion. I always ask my students to recommend books as well. This semester, one of my students recommended an Alan Watts book, The Way of Zen. Anyone read that?

    • @dvlema I also subscribe to Goodreads to keep track of all my book reading. I recently discovered Library Thing and am going to give that a try. It says the site will catalog the books you read and form a personal library for others to view.

    • I use Goodreads. I also read reviews at Kirkus online, and the NY Times Book Review at the library. I am not a formal member of the book discussion at our library, but I generally read the books when I can make time.

      Meanwhile, every day is an informal book discussion as I am constantly seeking reader feedback in order to provide better reader advisory. I also recommend books during most of our programming, and ask for recommendations from program participants.