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    Many of you have probably heard that the book “1984” is shooting up the Amazon best seller list. Huxley’s “Brave New World” is getting a look again as well. The attached article is the second time recently I have heard Neil Postman’s “Amusing Ourselves to Death” mentioned and I can’t recommend it highly enough (I heard him speak on campus when I was an undergraduate and he changed my life).

    • Postman’s arguments are interesting, but I disagree on a few points. The biggest: Postman says our fake news is coming from news reporters and not the government. It would appear that the government is starting to produce its own (Conway’s Bowling Green Massacre, Trump’s repeated references to the high crime rate, high unemployment, massive voter fraud, to name a few). The overall problem: Things are bad. Let’s hope things change soon.

      P.S. I’ve had a question since I read Brave New World years ago, and have never found a definitive answer. The term Big Brother came into general speech after 1984 came out. Did the term alpha male come from Brave New World, or did Huxley use an anthropologic term and apply it to his book? In other words, which came first — the alpha male or Brave New World?