Amanda StJohn

  • @astjohn I was blown away by your symposium, especially since you were able to incorporate a Walk off the Earth video!! Love them

  • Two things:

    We have free snack dispensers at work. It’s bad enough that I’m hitting the snacks ALL THE TIME but made much worse when I’m trying to get at the cornered snacks, e.g. Cheez-Its, and they get jammed. It’s like a game of Kerplunk. It takes a serious display of strength/lack of self-awareness to get the Cheez-Its flowing…[Read more]

    • Ha! I got such a visual reading your post. I go through different snack food streaks – I am a big sucker for Trader Joes honey pretzels – must be the salty/sweet combo.

    • @katygo and @liloverdue : we don’t have vending machines. I try to create my own vending machine, sort of, by buying individually wrapped snacks and keeping some in my locker. You can about imagine what happens next. Lucky I don’t have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club. Bulk shopping is not my friend.