• Amanda StJohn posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    Everybody ready for Summer Registration?

    • @astjohn Woke up at 7am to enroll!

    • Super excited to be taking Aaron Schmidt’s class this summer! What courses will you be taking this summer?

      • Sorry for the delay all–the CRUNCH is on! @calsop I have heard nothing but the best from people that have taken Aaron’s UX class and I lament that it will not fit into my schedule before graduation! I selected him for … INFO 200, I think. Very excited about that guy. I’m taking Basic Cataloging. @katygo what did you choose?

        • @astjohn I’m enrolled in Information Technology Tools and Applications (240) and looking into joining the team compiling a directory of national archives as a special studies project. Let me know how cataloging goes! I’ll be going down that road eventually.

          • @katygo Awesome!!! That’s more or less what I did last semester. I was with Dean for web coding (I learned and grew so much in that class! Really helped my self-esteem regarding the back end of working with the web) and I worked on the IDNA. I completed Ireland, Malta and …. Huh, Singapore, I think. As part of the first group to work on IDNA I found that we had to adjust our templates a few times so that they would work for everyone, and there was lots of talk about how to get the archives to respond to our messages requesting their input or photographs. I can hardly wait to see the final product. What an exciting project.

        • @astjohn Cataloging with Prof Bolin? Great course.