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    Hi Professor Stephens,
    As I’ve been posting comments on other students’ blogs, I noticed that my comments were not showing up in the side wide activity feed. I finally figured out that my comments needed to be moderated by the blog owner. I have a few questions about this. I know you are using the site activity feed to see how active we are for our blog assignment. Does it matter when those comments show up? Will they even show up? What if someone never approves my comment (assuming it’s something that should be allowed)? Also, it makes it sort of hard to have a conversation since I can’t see what others have posted until they are approved. Does being friends with the blog owner possibly allow my comments not to need to be approved?

    Oh also, I noticed one blog had the comments entirely turned off.

    Thanks for any input on this.

    • Hello. I send several reminders about approving comments. One was included in today’s “Welcome” ,message for the week:

      Be sure to check your blog for pending comments. Dashboard –> Comments. You may see some that need approval.

      Once approved, comments become part of the activity feed. Also, the first time anyone comments on a blog, the blog owner has to approve the comment. That’s built into the system. I had to do that for all of the student replies on our first few postings. I will continue to send reminders.

      Comments should be on for all blog posts but it is easy for that button to get clicked off by mistake.

      • Thanks for your response. That makes the conversion flow a little erratic, but I understand if it’s part of the way the system works.

        • @anjanette I’ll do a system message too so folks approve comments. It might also be a matter of when people spend time on class. Some folks work full time and only get to our course site later in the day etc. I think things will improve as we move farther into the semester.