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    What are you reading or watching in honor of Halloween? I’m reading Frankenstein for the first time!

    • October is when I start watching old black and white monster or horror movies. I love Creature of the Black Lagoon, Frankenstein, The Birds, etc.

    • I’ll be reading The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine by Kate Angell, and The Cupcake Coven by Ashlyn Chase. Definitely low-key spooky!

    • May watch some classics as well as something new if it has good reviews. Horror movies are usually not very well made. The Witch was good…very creepy.

    • I love Halloween! Especially the decorating. Last year, we bought a metallic skeleton (see photo) as a decoration. When my husband and I were talking about getting the decorations out for this year, he said, “I have to get the skeleton out of the crawl space.” After a good laugh, I suggested he not use that phrase in public. Halloween 2016

    • @aebarden Frankenstein is wonderful. I did my undergrad in English Literature and read that novel at least 6 times for different classes. This Halloween I’m taking the plunge and reading It, even though clowns really freak me out. I also want to read House of Leaves by Mark Danielewski. And maybe Slade House too, since I loved The Bone Clocks so much by David Mitchell. As for movies, I can always go for Hitchcock.

      • Although I’m not big on Halloween, I am a David Mitchell fan. Slade House was eerie, and as you would expect from Mitchell, it connects with his previous books. I think I’ve read most of his books except Number 9 Dream and Ghostwritten. They’re calling to me from the top of my fiction stack, but will have to wait until December.

      • @banderson That’s brave of you to read It – that feels too scary for me! When I have questions about Frankenstein, I’ll be in touch.

        • @aebarden Feel free! I almost feel like I have Frankenstein memorized. 🙂 So far It isn’t quite as terrifying as I thought it would be but it’s still early days in the novel.

          • I’m about halfway through now and it’s different than I expected. Every few chapters I’ve been reading the Cliffs Notes summaries (awesomely provided online by my library) to read some discussion on the themes and historical notes.

      • Young Frankenstein!

      • @banderson I also did my undergrad and graduate degree in English literature and absolutely loved Mary Shelley’s book! Also, Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White is marvelous. And, almost all Hitchcock films are a master class.

    • To synchronize with our change-a-letter game, how about “Frankenstein’s Mobster” – The big guy gets a gig in New Jersey (with apologies to hyperlinked folks in NJ).

      • I love all of director James Whale’s films from the 1930’s & 40’s, Frankenstein is an example but The Old Dark House is a classic too!

    • We’re still trying to get our courage up to see It – my fiance and I don’t do very well with horror!