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    What is everyone reading? I just finished The Handmaid’s Tale last night.

    • Mary replied 4 weeks ago

      I am going to be teaching that novel in a few weeks! Anything stand out as super important? I read it years ago and will need to do a refresher.

      • My library has a subscription to After I read each section in the book, I read the discussion sections on there. That was helpful for me since I didn’t have a someone to discuss it with as I was reading. They had tons of good discussion questions, etc. Things that stood out to me were how quickly a society can change and I thought the ending was very interesting, especially how the historians of the future characterized the events – the more things change, the more things stay the same.

    • I am re-reading Game of Thrones and a mystery titled The Dante Club.

      • @aebarden Reading a collection of essays by Twin Peaks scholar John Thorne entitled “Wrapped in Plastic: Pathways to Twin Peaks.”

      • @dvlema I read Game of Thrones for the first time this summer. I loved it. I’m taking a little break before diving into Book 2. Have you read the whole series?

        @michael I love the interest in Twin Peaks. That is on my to-watch list!

      • I’d like to read the GOT books, especially now since the books diverge from the television storyline. All the characters I love, but with different resolutions to conflicts and new and different characters! What are your thoughts on the direction of the series?

    • @aebarden How interesting! Is this book the inspiration for the series? How did you enjoy reading it?

      • Yes, The Handmaid’s Tale is the inspiration for the recent TV show. The book was great. I haven’t seen the show yet, but am looking forward to it. It just won an Emmy, right?

        • @aebarden That’s spectacular, I’ll have to give it a read one of these days. I’ve also yet to watch the series, but I did hear that it won an award or two!

    • Outrageously busy working on the 2018 budget, and preparing for a capital campaign for an addition and remodel that begins in October and should be completed before 2020. Almost all of my reading is preparatory to making presentations for the board and the community.

      Graphic novels help me fulfill my desire for fiction! Just finished reading Thornhill, which is creepy and delicious work for young people of all ages. The novel takes place in 1982; the graphic story takes place in 2017. The stories collide midway through the book. 😉

      Also, recently re-read the Green Rider series by Kristin Britain. Another YA pick.

      I read all the GOT books; I’m still waiting for the conclusion, daggonit! Not thrilled that the television production has stalled the process!

    • I marvel at and envy everyone’s ability to schedule in fiction during the semester! The most I can manage these days is Ken Burn’s Vietnam series on PBS. Riveting. Also rather traumatic, all over again. My husband and brother missed having to register for the draft by a couple of months. My parents were researching a move to New Zealand to avoid my brother’s conscription.

      • What about audiobooks? I love audiobooks and listen to them while I’m driving, cooking, etc.

        • My Dad just recommended Al Franken’s new book as an audiobook, because he narrates it. I love his voice, so I could see really digging that book. Plus I generally like Al Franken, so can’t really go wrong.

    • I’m ‘reading’ a bunch of cookbooks, but next on my list is The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel.