This week’s lecture about how technology has changed us was 100% correct. Like most of the world it seems, I have been caught up in the Game of Thrones phenomenon. Not only do I watch the show and talk to friends, family, and co-workers about it, but I read online articles about it, listen to podcasts about it, and read and participate in online forums discussing it. Before computers and the internet, these last three things weren’t an option – and how lucky I feel to be living in a time when it is possible because I can’t get enough Game of Thrones. Here’s a great YouTube video that discusses the latest Game of Thrones finale (season 7, episode 7) – SPOILERS, obviously:


What’s interested me most about this new way of consuming media though, is that I find myself wanting it for other shows and books. For example, I just started reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and I wish there was a podcast that discussed the book chapter-by-chapter that I could listen to and/or an online book club I could join (on-demand of course because I want it right now, not next month). There are a million ways that technology has changed our lives, but this one made me wonder if libraries could play a role. I’ll be looking for innovative library examples throughout the semester. And if anyone wants to discuss The Handmaid’s Tale with me, let me know.

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  1. I have been reading, listening and watching all things Twin Peaks as I recover from the season (series?) finale. What is so interesting is in 1990-1991 during the original series run there were only the beginnings of internet forums for sharing.

  2. Hi Amanda! So good to meet you! I recently got my husband into The Handmaid’s Tale. He just fell in love with it and now wants to consume all things Margaret Atwood. It’s such an amazing book. Have you seen the Hulu series? I don’t have Hulu but I think I need to subscribe because I love Elizabeth Moss and I’ve heard great things about the series.

    • Hi Swetta! Great meeting you, too! I haven’t seen the Hulu show, but I want to watch it after I finish the book. I don’t have Hulu, so I’ll have to wait until it’s out on DVD. I hear there’s a good Spotify/Hulu deal for students, so that might be worth checking out. The show has gotten good reviews, so I’m excited to see it!

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