Virtual Symposium

Virtual Symposium - The Hyperlinked Library

Virtual Symposium – The Hyperlinked Library


This course has been a wonderful experience.  Looking over the semester, the ideas were so positive and uplifting.  I chose Piktochart for my presentation.  Hope you enjoy!


~ by on May 8, 2017.

5 Responses to “Virtual Symposium”

  1. Beautiful infographic and the moment I saw SpongeBob and Patrick there I knew you were on to a good thing! Libraries should be fun, engaging, open, safe and participatory and you said it all in your presentation.

  2. I enjoyed your virtual symposium, Lori! You’ve crafted together all of the wonderful things we’ve learned in the course in such a concise and composed way–really getting at the heart of the concepts. “Hyperlinks are people too” really stuck with me throughout the class and I was happy to see it again included here.

  3. Wonderful. “Create the dream” indeed!

  4. Hello Lori, great job on your presentation. Your images and matching thoughts are perfect. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Best of luck in your career and the remainder of your education! 🙂

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