Your Favorite Symposium Tools

Hey all – I am having a blast looking at the Symposium posts. Would those of you who used a certain media tool or site share a link to the tool here as a comment so I can add to the “How to…”page for next semester?

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  1. Profile photo of Beth HarperBeth Harper

    I’m not at all sure that it’s my favorite, but it’s the one I used. I really wanted a particular aesthetic for this project and neither PowerPoint nor Prezi had it, so I went poking around looking for other slideshow apps. Most of the ones I found are really intended for personal “scrapbook” style personal slideshows and have cutesy music and no ability to caption slides, and Smilebox ( is one of that category, but it does offer captioning and I really liked some of the themes and it has a very smooth look and feel.

    I’d have liked the ability to resize the text box and/or remove it altogether, and I’d have liked more control over the fonts, and I’d have liked the ability to upload and share a file without signing up for a free trial on a premium service that I’m going to have to take the time to go and unsubscribe from tomorrow. In general, it’s VERY proprietary in a kind of sleazy way. But it was a breeze to use and (being a desktop app) seems much faster and more stable than most of the web-based highly visual point-and-click WSYWIG media builders I’ve worked with (I’m looking at you, Prezi), and it gave me exactly the output I wanted, so there’s that.

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    Voice Thread. I hated (and I mean hated) it last semester. I can’t remember why but I didn’t enjoy using it. This semester, it was a dream. I downloaded it to my Samsung and iPad…a girl needs options. It was super simple to upload images, record audio and share. I know there are features that I didn’t explore but as far as simplicity…this worked great.

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    I had made a poster last year using PowerPoint, which is what I always hear recommended as the best software for designing posters. However, I didn’t really like the way that it came out. So I used Piktochart for this poster, and I think it’s much more vibrant. I also found Piktochart very easy to use. I am excited to try some of the tools that my fellow students used, especially Powtoon and StoryBird.

  4. Profile photo of Andres GarciaAndres Garcia

    I really enjoy using Audacity. It’s a great tool AND it free.
    There is a small learning curve but once you get the hang of it -it won’t take long – you’ll find yourself splicing and dicing projects like nobody’s business.

    If you plan to move on to more in-depth audio-editing programs like Audition, start with Audacity,

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