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Hey all – I am working on all of your excellent reflections this week (as I also grade INFO 200 research papers) and  want to let you know I appreciate the response to the “compassion” piece. I have been thinking a lot these past few weeks about humanism, empathy and kindness, and compassion for all.

In other news, music related, I just got the R.E.M. “Out of Time” Deluxe Edition. I think our world needs a bit more of this too:

Image: Cooper & Dozer 🙂


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      1. Profile photo of DanielleDanielle

        So it sounds like it was intended both as a “bubblegum” hit as well as ironic:

        The title and chorus are based on a Chinese propaganda poster. The slogan “Shiny happy people holding hands” is used ironically – the song was released in 1991, two years after the Tiananmen Square uprising when the Chinese government clamped down on student demonstrators, killing hundreds of them.

        Looking back at this tune in 2016, Stipe told Mojo: “I don’t regret that song. We made a lot of money off that song. That’s not why we wrote it. We wrote it because we were challenging ourselves. I grew up a child of the ’60s listening to The Monkees and the Archies and The Banana Splits. The guys threw me the stupidest song that sounded so buoyant and weird and I was like, OK, I accept the challenge. So it was bubblegum music made for kids. Don’t hate it. But I don’t want to sing it.”

  1. Profile photo of Anne MellottAnne Mellott

    Even if it’s ironic, it’s making me smile. Have you heard that maybe fake fact that if you smile for three minutes your mood can actually change to be happy? I think this song works the same way! And it’s catchy. Probably going to be singing it all day.

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    It can’t be ironic! They’re clapping! Also, key to a happy song is the double clap. Point in case, Pharell’s Happy. See also, Hey Ya, Roam, If You’re Happy and You Know It.

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