Housekeeping: Take Your Blog With You!

NOTE: Make sure you follow these instructions and pay attention to the dates below.

You’ve worked so hard over the past semester – don’t let that content just disappear!

After our class ends, we’ll start work updating the site for next time  This means eventually your student blogs will be deleted from the course site.  But we don’t want you to lose all your great work.  Luckily for us the site software we use – WordPress – makes it super simple to gather all your content, export it and then import it to a new WordPress blog at  your own new WordPress account.

PLEASE move your content by MAY 30,  2017. This is especially important if you want to use your blog content in your e-portfolio.

Follow these steps:

Your Toolbox

In your blog Dashboard, scroll down a bit until you see the “Tools” section on the left-hand side.  Click on this to expand your options and you’ll now see “Import” and “Export” listed.  Go ahead and click on “Export.”

Exporting for Future Use

It’s pretty simple: just click “Download Export File.”

Bam! You’ve got an Archived Copy of your Blog

Told you it was simple 🙂  Keep this file in a safe place.  It’s what you’ll need later on.

Time to Import

Register at WordPress, use your own server-side installation, or other blogging software site that supports a WP import.

For Once you’re all set with your account and blog, login and go to “Tools” and “Import” in your new blog.  Then, choose “WordPress” at the bottom of the options.

Still have that File?

Browse to that archived file of your old blog and then choose “Upload file and import.”  Once you’ve done this you’ll have all your content back up and ready! NOTE: This isn’t an exact replica of your old site.  It is your content (posts, pages, links, media uploads) but not your theme (the fancy design).  You’ll have to either choose the same theme again or select a new one.

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  2. Profile photo of Katy GoKaty Go

    @michael These instructions worked perfectly, thank you! I’m also thinking that if for whatever reason you don’t want to open a separate WP account, you might just be able to PDF your blog. You can probably set the number of blogs to display to a number equal to or higher than the number you have and then save the entire blog as a single PDF. This is how I save the other course content. I simply open a print dialog for each section and rather than selecting a printer, I print to PDF. This preserves the links. The only issue is that you do need to go in and save each of the relevant links (e.g. articles). I do that same with those as save them as separate PDFs.

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