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Hey all – to make it easy for folks to explore the symposium posts this week, please share your URL here. Post with a 140 character “tweet” abstract for your entry in the comments below. Or perhaps a haiku? 🙂

ALSO: Please submit the URL for your symposium post to Canvas when you are ready!

58 thoughts on “Share & Submit Your Symposium Post!

  1. Profile photo of Amanda StJohnAmanda StJohn

    Hi everyone,

    I am sharing 15 slides (+2 references slides) listing –and demonstrating– my takeaways from #HyperLib. I tried Google Slides for the first time, embedded videos hosted on YouTube and GoogleDrive, and enlisted the help of Quotescover to highlight the sage advice of key thinkers.

    Hope you’ll take a look, and that you had at least as much fun as I did.


    1. Profile photo of Kelly ChungKelly Chung

      I used Slidely for the very first time and was super impressed with how easy it was to navigate. I am not a big fan of new formats since they can sometimes be confusing with no training or guidance, but this web resource was amazing! I highly recommend it for anyone and I’m even considering purchasing the basic so I can use it for library event thank you’s that can easily be sharing with and posted on social media!

    1. Profile photo of Jennette CJennette C

      Also if anyone else is having trouble embedding their videos to WordPress from Vimeo, use this code and the link. The embed kept disappearing and they said its a security measure, boo!
      [embed width="123" height="456"][/embed]

      Your link would replace the youtube link, and I changed my width and height to w640 h360. Hope this helps, it was driving me crazy last night!

        1. Profile photo of Jennette CJennette C

          @michael that was the easiest way, of course I had to go about it the hard way. Somehow I ended up on the same WordPress page on how to add video. Next time I will definitely look into your helpful hints first. 🙂
          Thanks so much!!

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    1. Profile photo of Sara LathamSara Latham

      @krasczyk Such a beautiful and heartfelt presentation. You are a “hyperlink!” In fact, we are all “hyperlinks.” I loved this class , and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share the experience with you and the rest of our classmates. Good luck in your career and your educational endeavors. 🙂

    1. Profile photo of Sara LathamSara Latham

      Very lovely and meditative presentation. I loved the music; it really set the tone. This has been a very powerful experience. Your takeaways really clicked with mine. Good luck to you and to all of our peers in our future endeavors. 🙂

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