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Please share the URL for your assignment here for those students who would like to browse throughout them beyond our activity feed and feed readers. Perhaps share your action brief statement as a means to share your focus?

Thanks for your hard work! Grades will be in Canvas toward the end of next week.

Be sure to submit your URL to Canvas too!

36 thoughts on “Share Your Planning Assignment Here

  1. Profile photo of DanielleDanielle

    Here’s the link: And here’s the Action Brief Statement: Convince the Library Director that by supporting a weekly Library podcast, we will engage University scholars and other community members, which will raise the profile and the credibility of the Library because it will reach users in a different way and will highlight the Library’s utilization of current technology.

  2. Profile photo of Erin Lybrand-WenzErin Lybrand-Wenz

    Here’s my plan:
    Convince Peninsula Library System leadership that by adopting Google Forms to get regular feedback on a variety of topics from community members they will have access to greater insight into the lives and opinions of their patrons which will help member libraries develop and fine tune current/future services, and remain relevant to their users because it will offer a fresh perspective on specific library services and provide information about their patrons that member libraries may not have considered before.

  3. Profile photo of Joleen JinJoleen Jin

    Convince middle school students and teachers that by participating in lessons that utilize VR technology they will experience an increase in student engagement with the curriculum which will improve achievement of educational outcomes and learning objectives because they will then be better prepared to enter the 21st century as successful and productive citizens.

  4. Profile photo of Kristen RasczykKristen Rasczyk

    Here’s my plan’s Action Brief Statement & link to the full plan:

    Convince the director and library board members that by placing a book vending machine and book return at the local train station they will be able to reach the community members who may not be using the library because of their early/late commuting schedule which will bring library services outside of the physical building and improve our presence in the community because it is important to try and tailor library services to accommodate as many community members as possible.

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