Reflection Blogging Mid Term Check In

Hey all – I want to offer a mid term check in for the Reflection Blogging assignment. Here’s the schedule of posts:

Reflection Blogging Due Dates:

The mid-term check in is optional. What I would like to do is chat with each of you who would like to via any of the channels we have available to us. Please let me know if you’d like to chat on BB IM, message here on the site or email as a way to check in on how each of you are doing. I will be on BB IM as much as possible throughout the next two weeks and would love to chat this way about your blogging. Please send me an IM, site message or email and we’ll discuss via the channel of your choosing. We could also open up a Collaborate room and chat that way as well.

I chatted with one student already who wanted to know about other forms of blogging for this assignment. I’m all for it if anyone wants to try a video blog, audio podcast, or anything you can dream up for this assignment. Let me know. 🙂

I wrote my doctoral dissertation on blogging librarians, was reminded of this post today thinking about your blogging: 🙂 (Featured image is from a poster I did about my research at UNT)

3 thoughts on “Reflection Blogging Mid Term Check In

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  2. Profile photo of Margaret SanchezMargaret Sanchez

    Hello Michael,
    I regret that until now I had not had time to do a mid-term check in. My job has been very busy of late. However, I will be on Spring Break for a week beginning 3/18 and I did have a couple of questions about the Planning assignment that I didn’t get answered during the BBIM session. Should all the references we use be written in the Evidence and Resource section or should there be bibliographic references at the end? Thank you.

    1. Profile photo of Michael StephensMichael Stephens Post author

      @mssanchez Hello! Please feel free to check in with me about blogging when you go on break. I think everyone is super busy right now!

      I am worried you typed in your questions in our Collaborate session and I missed them. If I did, sincere apologies.

      In the Evidence and resources section please list what you found directly related to the plan’s topic. If you have citations in other parts – please cite those at the end in some type of references section.

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