New Column: Chaos & Caring

Hey all – I also wanted to share my new column in the March 15 issue of Library Journal. It’s called “Chaos & Caring.” It has everything: mention of my dogs, a Fleetwood Mac reference, and SOUP. More importantly, it touches on libraries as safe places for all, how we can take care of each other, and how we can help people understand the world.

I implore you to follow these models and welcome all people into your institutions. Work with staff to understand that this is the Library Bill of Rights in action at a time when it may just be needed the most. Represent your library as a safe haven when you are out in the community.

2 thoughts on “New Column: Chaos & Caring

  1. Profile photo of Sara LathamSara Latham

    Great article @michael. I get that emotionality. I feel the same way. I have had this pit in my stomach that is since the election. Self-care is so important as is caring for one another. Your article captures the essence of why I want to be a librarian. Thank you!!! Oh, and, you can never go wrong with soup. Soup is the best. It makes me happy. 🙂

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