Labor Day Addendum

Hey all – I have heard it is HOT in parts of California. Up here in northern Michigan we are anticipating lows in the mid 40s tonight. “And summer became the fall…” goes the song.

I am going to be at a lake place for a couple of days but will be connected – if you need anything pressing over the holiday weekend, do not hesitate to email me at

I enjoyed reading all of your blog posts and learning about you. So nice to see pics of pets, family and more.

I will harken back to summer one more time and share a favorite pic I took in July as the featured image – July 5th at Grand Traverse Bay. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Labor Day Addendum

  1. Dana

    Love that picture!

    It was 105 degrees here in San Jose when I left work at the King Library a little while ago. We also have bad air quality since we’re getting some smoke drifting in from wild fires in Oregon. My little dog can’t understand why we’re taking our walks late at night. I am envying that cool, clear lake weather right now. 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Leah Strauss

    Gorgeous photo!
    I was in Santa Cruz visiting my mother yesterday – Summer temperatures around the Monterey Bay i usually hover around a foggy 65 – 70. We took Mom out to brunch on the wharf, then dropped off one son and girlfriend at the Boardwalk. It reached 109 there. The “kids” only lasted two hours, spent mostly inside.
    Back in Silicon Valley now, I am intensely grateful for air conditioning we installed when we remodeled!
    I have a question about the blogging for this class. I want to be sure I understand the process and expectations for blogs and other writings. I’ve read the introductory material and have many thoughts, about which I intend to discuss in a blogpost. Is this correct: Five unassigned blogs are required during the semester (not weekly), and formal assignments are also submitted on our blog sites?
    Thanks! Best wishes for a a relaxing remainder of the weekend.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @leahstrauss Great question. I tweaked the reflection blogging assignment a bit:


      All postings will be published to your blog by the date specified. Because we use feeds and readers for class, individual post URL submissions are not required. At the end of the semester, you will submit your blog URL to Canvas for grading. The Reflection Blog assignment is cumulative.

      Can you clarify what you mean by “unassigned?’ In the sense that are not prescriptive?

      1. Leah Strauss

        Thanks! Regarding the “UNassigned” comment: I reread the reflection blog assignment page information and now understand now there are 5 specific blog writings (choice of two topics each for the first two and last two, and hyperlinked environments for the middle one). I think I saw a mention of “blog” else on the website without the context or content and got confused. My error. All good now – thanks so much.

  3. Swetta

    I flew in last night from a trip to Salt Lake City for a friend’s wedding (it was hot there too!) and couldn’t believe how bad the air quality was in the Bay Area. 🙁 I hope it clears up so kids can play sports safely outside. It made me wonder about the constant air pollution in certain cities across the world. I hope that’s not in our future.

    1. Mary

      Swetta, we were down in LA the last couple of days, and the air quality is even worse down there. Hopefully these fires will diminish when the temperatures decrease. Horrible weather for kids to play sports (or really to do anything outside). Stay cool!

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