Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

Hey all – Michael Casey will be joining us for a class chat on September 27. He is Director of Customer Experience for the Gwinnett County Public Library in metropolitan Atlanta.  I spent two days last fall at Gwinnett to speak at the library’s Staff Day. I recorded a short travelogue about their innovative services for this class and my INFO 200 class. This is an optional recording but if you have 12 minutes please take a look. The initiatives GCPL has going are very interesting. Again, optional!

View the recording here.

Download the slides here.


6 thoughts on “Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

  1. Megan Price

    I love everything about this!

    There is such a cool variety of things for people to experience: Teens, children, elders. Not only are we experts in librarianship, we have other areas of expertise that we can share with our patrons.

    Open+ is such a cool idea. People who want quiet, quiet, quiet! or want some time to meet with each other, or browse in solitary before class or work would relish this opportunity.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Leah Strauss

    So creative! I just love the Open+ idea – Who doesn’t want the opportunity to browse the entire collection alone (or nearly alone)? A perfect quiet space to get work done away from the kids, the hassles and the clutter of home, too. (At the library where I’m committee chair, patrons can get the library entrance key any time the larger organization’s office is open. At first committee members were concerned about security. But the rest of of reasoned, what could happen? Maybe someone would take a book or DVD without checking it out? If it was needed so badly, or in such a hurry, the library should be happy to give the patron what he or she needed. We knew it wouldn’t be from malice, and eventually would come back. There are library ownership stamps all over our materials!)

  3. Mary

    If you haven’t listened to the Michael Casey discussion, it’s well worth taking the time to do so. It’s really amazing what they are doing in that library. They have an “open hours” time when the library is not staffed. This is almost impossible for me to imagine. . . but they manage. And Casey said that it was going quite well, and they had few problems. He even shared a story about how during the hurricane somewhat forgot to set the time, and the library was just open all the time and filled with patrons and NO staff! Granted those who participate have to have a library card, but Casey said there were no other criteria. I could go on and on, but the library is really amazing and his approach to innovation and openness seems unparalleled. I can only hope that other libraries are starting to take a page out of their play book. Thanks for inviting him!

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