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Hey all – I spent two days last fall in Georgia to speak at Gwinnett County Public Libraries Staff Day. I recorded a short travelogue about their innovative services for this class and my INFO 200 class. This is an optional recording but if you have 12 minutes please take a look. The initiatives GCPL has going are very cool. Truly the hyperlinked model in action and the basis for the column “Open to Change” you read last week. Again, optional!

View the recording here.

Download the slides to see the pictures up close here.

Slides from my Staff Development Day presentation – included lots of GCPL examples.

Also – an apology for having a bad link to Module 4 this week in our Monday post!

6 thoughts on “Gwinnett County Public Libraries Visit

  1. Profile photo of Amanda StJohnAmanda StJohn

    How cool! It was really helpful to see how other libraries are thinking through the service delivery and customer needs to deliver–not just a library but–a memorable experience.

    @michael : In my INFO 210 course, we are discussing how reference librarians are laying out their spaces and whether they feel it’s time for change. I’m interested in using GCPL’s maneuver to remove reference desks and use roving kiosks to deliver service at the point and moment of need. I’ve located GCPL’s current and prior strategic plans, and a few articles about the libraries closing for “system-wide technology upgrade,” but I haven’t found anything that specifically addresses the conversation about removing the desks. Are you aware of any sources for that, in addition to your lecture?

    1. Profile photo of Michael StephensMichael Stephens Post author

      @astjohn I think those conversations happened internally. It would be a great question for Michael Monday if you want to ask (in person or make a comment on the previous post). It’s interesting that GCPL jumped over the “single service point” model that i see a lot of branch libraries moving to to just do away with the desks all together!

  2. Carla

    Even though I don’t currently work in a library, I am a serious proponent of “jumping over the single service point model” because many people will choose not to walk up to the desk. Walking around and becoming accessible to patrons allows them that safe zone to ask questions…anybody remember the days you could find an employee in a department or grocery store to ask for location of specific items…?

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