Update: Director’s Brief Global Libraries Option! Comp O!

Hey all – I updated the Director’s Brief assignment page – please take a look and let me know what you think.

If you are doing Option 2 – use this page for more inspiration!

Hey all – I have been thinking a lot about Comp O and this class after our discussion in the Connection Cafe. I can’t add a new assignment to the class since we are all underway with our current syllabus..but I had a thought… Global themes are woven throughout the modules so perhaps we should try a second option for the Director’s Brief this semester. One that will help you toward your Comp O!

Here’s the new option:

You will write a “Director’s Brief,” an examination of progressive library services, trends or models outside of the US related to our course themes. Your brief may be designed to introduce these international concepts to your library director or admin team. Follow the assignment guidelines at the Director’s brief page, adapting the template as needed.

To make it super easy to dive in, here are a list of topics that you could choose: (and more than one of you can choose the same topic!)

What other trends or concepts might there be out there beyond our borders? The “Hyperlinked Museum” abroad?  Hygge in Libraries? Hyperlinked services on other continents?

Comments? Thoughts?

Image: The Hyperlinked Library Adapted for Anangu People 2009

19 thoughts on “Update: Director’s Brief Global Libraries Option! Comp O!

  1. Mary

    I really like the idea of doing a Comp O related assignment. I just want to clarify what this would entail–we would write a “Director’s Brief” about a technology, service or model that is currently in international use that relates to the hyperlinked library . And, we would suggest how this technology, service or model might integrate into, support, or relate to our own “library”?

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @mvasudeva – Yes, that summary is correct. If it fits with what you are looking at, describing how a trend or initiative could be used at one’s home library works. Another approach might be to address the part of the comp that seeks to apply international standards and practices to environments in the US as a whole.

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