Housekeeping: Director’s Brief

Hey all – I had a couple of questions about the Director’s Brief assignment. In the text of the brief, you’ll be sharing the results of your literature search. It becomes part of your narrative. These citations will be included in a references or bibliography section.

From the assignment page:

The Director’s Brief gives you the opportunity to hone in on a technology-enhanced service that was mentioned through the course content or lectures, or perhaps you encountered it in conversations with your peers.  Situated as a report-of-sorts for a library director or administrative team, you’ll be crafting a brief that informs your administrator of its origins, related terminologies, uses for LIS environments, and addresses its potential pitfalls. This will be your most polished, detailed and well-presented work of the semester.

The brief should go up as a PDF attached to a blog post. You can create PDFs in various ways on your computers or via tools online – does anyone have a favorite workflow? Please share here. Add your PDF to your media library for your blog and insert it into the post.

A bit more clarification from the assignment page:

Use brief format: single space with double space between paragraphs.

The report should be between 1000-1500 words (around 3-5 pages). Use a consistent citation style as well. Use images, video, and other media (linked in the PDF or shared via your blog post) to enhance the report when applicable.

Please stay within the word count!

Posting & Submission:

Publish the report as a PDF and share it via a post on your blog. In that post, introduce the brief with a few sentences or a paragraph or two from your introduction. Be as creative as you’d like with the post. As a final step, submit your post URL to our Canvas site.

Also, if anyone has a question or would like to post about their brief to inspire others, please feel free to comment here.

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