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Hey all – As you work on your book report, remember to take a look at the assignment page. The assignment is meant to get you thinking beyond library literature to socio-technological writing of all kinds. The diversity of voices and viewpoints in all the books is always interesting!

Students will read one book selected from a list provided below or by choosing a text related to the course topic, and write a 500 word reflection or create a media-based presentation relating the topic and focus of the book to libraries or information environments, technology and the focus of our course. Publish the report as a post on your blog. Use images, video, and other media to enhance your artifact.

Grading Rubric:

Context Book Rubric
Context Book Rubric
Criteria Points
Effective use of chosen delivery method (blog, video, audio, slides, images)
3 pts
Quality of outline and organization of post or media (logical flow, critical thinking)
7 pts
Course content (lectures, readings, media, and peer discussions) and your synthesis of it is clearly cited and serves as a resource in your writing
7 pts
Delivery mechanism is error free (text, slides, etc)
3 pts
Total Points: 20

17 thoughts on “Context Book Thought

          1. Michael Stephens Post author

            @mvasudeva You might want to craft a paragraph introduction for the Powerpoint to contribute to the overall package.Perhaps describe your process and a bit of what you share below – that this was outside the box.

    1. Mary

      Okay, just saw this “creative” post. I’m kind of taking a creative angle (if you can call a power point creative. . . ). I tend to find writing an “easier” method of communication, and I wanted to push myself a little to get outside of that box. Power points are a bit of a struggle for me (not just to copy and paste my essay into slides!). So, I’m finding the process of creating the power point as I read the book and excellent way of thinking about the book differently.

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