Check In – Folks Okay?

Hey all – just want to check in. Is everyone okay? The pace of the class is pretty fast between now and when we end. I want to make sure everyone feels on track with the assignments, etc. Comment, send me a message, IM me, etc.

31 thoughts on “Check In – Folks Okay?

  1. Profile photo of Anne MellottAnne Mellott

    Doing okay! Staying afloat. My ePortfolio is due on April 17 so I’m getting the final things ready for that. My head is a little bit humbled, but I’m keeping up! Not too bad though. Glad I paced myself writing it all semester. Ready to attack the rest of the semester.

  2. Profile photo of Kelly ChungKelly Chung

    So far so good! I must admit I spent most of our “time off” looking over and reading through the Horizon reports and I am wondering if they have stopped publishing the Library Editions. It appears the most recent ones you shared are specific to the Higher Education Editions…is this the only edition offered now?

  3. Profile photo of Jennette CJennette C

    All is well here! I’ve been overwhelmed with work, so it’s sort of funny that I can come home and relax doing homework?!?! That by far is the most insane sentence I have ever written, but it’s true! Things are looking up though and the semester is almost over, yay! Thanks for checking in, this has been an awesome class! 🙂

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