Bit by the Coloring Bug

Hey all -I think we’ve mentioned adult coloring a few times. I have to tell you – I spent some break time with my Game of Thrones coloring book. What fun!

I saw this in the ALA Think Tank Facebook page, a great example for coloring for library patrons. I’ll share it here and add it to a future lecture:



Just as a clearinghouse of sorts, if anyone has encountered other examples, could you post a little blurb here. Also any hints, tips, etc.

This is a fascinating creative outlet. Here’s some shots from my own coloring:



7 thoughts on “Bit by the Coloring Bug

    1. Profile photo of CarlaCarla

      Veronica, what a cool idea, and congrats to Ken!
      All the designs shown are so worth of mention!!
      I helped Paseo Verde during the day of the logo switch 🙂
      Did you help over there or were you committed to your branch?

  1. Profile photo of Kelly ChungKelly Chung

    This is such a fun activity for all ages! Although the prices for some of these bigger panels is a bit hard to swallow! Last summer we had an art day for our school-aged kids. I found some geometrical patterns online (one of an owl and the other of a plane) and I took them to FedEx/Kinko’s to have them blown up. In total, I walked away with two 3’x 4′ mandalas for under $20. The kids loved them and when we were finished we hung them up in the library to show how talented our kids are!

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