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August 24, 2017 by

Hi everybody!

My name is Brianna Anderson and I live in a small town in San Joaquin County not too far from Sacramento. I currently work for the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library system at the Lathrop Branch library, a small, rural branch.

In the future, I would love to continue working in public libraries. I’m not sure if I’d like to try my hat at a large library, or maybe even a medium sized one. One of the things I love most about working for a small branch is the ability to really get to know your patrons and their families. You know who likes what books and who’s got what on hold.

Before my new-found library career, I worked extensively in education in both special education and for tutoring companies. I worked at both public schools and non-profit, non-public schools as push-in help and as an instructor in a vocational classroom for older teens and adults with autism teaching them job and life skills. I ultimately decided that this wasn’t quite the path I wanted to go down and decided to pursue a degree in librarianship, my first real passion. I think that one of the wonderful facets of a library, besides being around books all day, is the amazing capacity for teaching and learning from a wide variety of subjects and from a wide variety of people. I get to do wonderful programs for kids and teens, where I learn as much, maybe more, than those I’m teaching.

I can’t wait to see what this course has to offer and am really looking forward to learning about a hyperlinked library and how social media is changing and enhancing the profession.


  1. Hello Brianna! Glad to read about your current position at the branch,. It sounds as though you get to do some cool stuff for young people. And I so appreciate the fact you get to know the people you serve. There is something about small branches or smaller libraries that really appeals to me. Welcome to #hyperlib!

  2. F. Lane says:

    Hi, Brianna.

    Sounds as though you enjoy working at the small library as my as I do. I really feel that we make very personalized recommendations for our guests, and that we can proactively provide them with resources before they even ask for them!

    I also feel that in a small community, we must push the boundaries of what it means to be “a library.” I think we have a unique opportunity to participate in community transitions.

    Look forward to hearing more from you this semester!


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