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The Director’s Brief gives you the opportunity to hone in on a technology-enhanced service that was mentioned through the course content or lectures, or perhaps you encountered it in conversations with your peers.  Situated as a report-of-sorts for a library director or administrative team, you’ll be crafting a brief that informs your administrator of its origins, related terminologies, uses for LIS environments, and addresses its potential pitfalls. This will be your most polished, detailed and well-presented work of the semester.


You will write a “Director’s Brief,” an examination of an emerging technology or trend of your choice. Your brief may be designed to introduce a new technology to your library director, or to suggest enhancements to a participatory service already in place at your library.

Use brief format: single space with double space between paragraphs. Craft the report as though you are sending it to your library director, a technology planning group, or the recipient of your choice (to fit your career goals). Use design elements and formatting, images, hyperlinks, and more to enhance the work.

The brief should be structured in logical fashion and should be inspired by the template below. Use headings to organize your brief and guide the reader. Examine professional and scholarly articles and cite them to build your “case” for the technology or trend. The brief should contain succinct, clear writing. The inclusion of graphic elements and screenshots  can enhance this type of report depending on the technology chosen. The final product should be polished and professional.

The report should be between 1000-1500 words (around 3-5 pages). Use a constant citation style as well.

Checkout this PDF of sample pages from exemplary Director’s Briefs: DirectorsBriefsSamplePages  (Use these for inspiration as well!)

Posting & Submission:

Publish the report as a PDF and share it via a post on your blog. In that post, introduce the brief with a few sentences or a paragraph or two from your introduction. Be as creative as you’d like with the post. As a final step, submit your post URL to our Canvas site.

Grading Rubric:

Criteria Points
Selection of technology or trend aligns with course content and professional interests
2 pts
Quality and depth of research (articles and resources are drawn from scholarly and appropriate professional sources. Blogs and other social media resources count as well)
5 pts
Quality of presentation and argument (logical flow, critical thought, assignment requirements met)
5 pts
Course content (lectures, readings, media, and peer discussions) and your synthesis of it is clearly cited and serves as a resource in your writing
4 pts
Format is professional and polished, graphics and other enhancements included
2 pts
Cohesive conclusion and bibliography
2 pts
Total Points: 20

Template for Inspiration



Executive Summary:






(Sections should include the following questions:)

What is the technology? Define any terms or related vocabulary.

What should the recipient understand about the technology? Affordances? Negative issues?

How do user populations use it?

What research or studies can inform the decision to plan and implement?

How can libraries successfully implement it?





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