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An Introduction

Hi everyone!

My name is, Ashton Vagnone and this is my final year in the MLIS program here at SJSU! I chose this course because I’m very passionate about emerging technology trends in libraries and how they are used to engage patrons with information in new, creative ways. I’m very excited to be taking this course and using the knowledge gained from it to sharpen my technological skill set and learn effective methods in using the plethora of web 2.0 platforms available.

I’m strongly interested in working in academic libraries, and have tailored my courses the past couple years to fit my interests professionally. Last semester I completed an internship at a local community college here in Sacramento. My goal is to eventually work in reference and instruction.

Here’s a picture of me this year working as an out-of-class Teen Services Librarian:


  1. Hi Ashton,

    Really awesome to share a course with you! Yay, yay, yay! Congrats on gettng to work as a teen services librarian. That is very cool!

    It was great meeting you during your internship, and I am going to share with the librarians at the college that you and I are in the same class this fall at SJSU!

    See you in class! 🙂

    • Hi Viola! Nice to see you here! are you working at the college again this fall? If so please say hello to everyone for me! Hope you’ve been well!

  2. Hi Ashton,

    It’s great to have another class with you! I was able to do some reference and instruction work during my internship last Spring and absolutely loved it. It sounds like we have similar career aspirations. 🙂

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