I was just thinking about how happy I am to be taking a class like this in my last semester of library school. I remember registering and being nervous that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy a class while I was also writing my ePortfolio, but this class is getting me energized for my future in libraries. With each reading and book review post I’ve read I’m learning new ideas and feeling inspired to bring these ideas back to my library. Maybe when I’m done with school I’ll have enough time to implement these ideas. After May, it’ll be the first time in my life that I won’t be in school and I think I’ll miss all the critical thinking we do. I was writing about diversity in the legal profession (mainly that it’s predominantly white) and how law libraries can work to provide resources and programming to change those statistics. I hope keep reading and discovering when I’m not told to do so for school. I’m sure it’ll be nice to have a small hiatus from all the connecting and discovering, but hopefully I can find things to inspire me on my own.

End ramble.


3 comments on “Just a rambling…”

  1. Congrats on almost being done!

    How is the e-portfolio class going? I’m super nervous about starting it because that signals the end!

    • Andres- don’t be nervous! Be excited! The end is a good thing. And also a little scary, I get it 🙂 The class so far has been good. Once you get through the first few comps with your adviser, it should be a piece of cake if you can motivate yourself to do it. That’s the key. My adviser doesn’t have any due dates, just the final due date, so you’ve got to really pace your comps out and work consistently. It has been nice only taking this class with the ePortfolio class, so I would recommend taking just one extra class, or fewer if you can make it work, while you write the ePortfolio. That was you can also use all or most of your coursework in the portfolio.

      Hope this helps you feel a little less daunted by the process! How much farther do you have left?

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